My Week With Marilyn

Tonight I saw the film, My Week With Marilyn. I am in Boise on Business and my friend Lex suggested the local Indie Theater. She is from this quaint town and she knows all the fun places to go. The theater was simply darling. They sell panini's and homeade cookies to eat while you watch. There are only 4 films playing at a time. This film was lovely. It took place in England in the fifties so how could it be bad? I was smitten with the castles and homes and gardens. Michelle Miller did a wonderful job portraying Marilyn Monroe, she even has a lovely singing voice. Eddie Redmayne was so adorable I could hardly stand it. It is rated R because you see a naked bum one time. But otherwise it is a wholesome movie and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I am in Boise for the opening week of our new Laser Hair Removal clinic. It is so fun to be the New Market Coordinator. I am responsible for hiring and training the technicians, ordering the inventory for the clinic, decorating the clinic, establishing relationships with our partnering Physicians, and overseeing the opening of the clinic. It weighs heavily on my shoulders that these tasks are completed properly. I am hard on myself and never quite satisfied with the outcome. But I try to remember that I am 23 years old, inexperienced, and that much is expected of me. I am flattered that my boss trusts me with these important tasks. I don't want to let him down.

The past couple weeks I spent time in Arizona with friends and family. We made some wonderful memories. The first week was all about my dear friend Spencer Webster. His funeral was a celebration of his life and legacy. I am so amazed by him. I love him more than ever before. I am going to share a couple of passages from his journal that are absolutely inspiring:

"I hope to just keep moving. Keep studying. Keep learning. The essential part and search in my life is still that of love. Love for people. love for the things I do, and love for something better. till know, that whoever is reading this, I love you. I truly do."

"Maybe I can do anything I want in this life or the nest of any life. With the basis of unlimited knowledge, why not? Is death just the death of biological illusional cellular nuclear material? My soul lives on..."

There is so much I can say about Spencer but I can't say enough how much I admire him. He has such a big heart. I enjoyed the time I spent kneeling alone at his grave. The weather was lovely and I felt him close to me. I will cherish that time forever.

My second week in Arizona revolved around good friends and family, delicious food, and perfect weather. Did I mention lot's of food? See the pictures below:

french toast at Crackers and Co.
Thanksgiving Feast at Maxwell's Kindergarten

dinner at dads

hot cocoa at mom's

Temple lights and more cocoa

Pizza at La Grande Orange

more pizza and crepes at Cibo

sister sleepover

picnic at the park

Arizona folks, don't take it for granted. It truly is the best place to live. Thank you for supporting me through a challenging time. My sister and her family were great hosts to me. My friends welcomed me back with open arms. I never wanted to leave but back to work I went. I can't wait for Disneyland on Christmas with the family.


ChJArnett said...

Two things. 1) Do you have some of spence's journals? 2) I'm coming to Utah on the 8th. I will spend time with you.

Willi Nixon said...

Love this post. Those quotes from spence are amazing, he is amazing. I love cibo it is delicious. I love how enticing these photos make arizona. glad to see you for a bit while i was down there.

Kitsune-kun said...
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Kitsune-kun said...

I was just looking at pictures from 2009 and when Ryan and i drove down to Mesa for thanksgiving and we took so many pictures of the gorgeous scenery on the way down and it made me SO homesick for the West and incredible skies and openness.

Nguyen said...

thing someone.....

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Nguyen said...

Love this post!!!:x

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Happy new year!!! ^^