I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

This heavenly spiral staircase leads to the ledge of love,
the bottom two stories are the pit of passion and the bone zone.


stacie amber white said...

I love the ledge girls, you all do me so right.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that this picture turned out good cuz I was a little sketchy with Brits camera haha.

oh and I'm glad your pink eye is gone!

*Tawny* said...

haha costa vida cant be made 2 in a week... sorry it will loose its flavor!!

I didnt hear or get an invite notice about this cinco de meyo party. im very upset even tho i know im invited. haha when? what time? activitys?
IM EXCITED!! I shall come!!
bring gifts what? haha

oh nadia i love you, you will always be my idol!!

*Tawny* said...

cute pic cute pic... i was there that night, im pretty sure your house was 188 degrees that night.

*Tawny* said...

oh and PS again.. this is me yelling.. WHY AM I NOT ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST?

The Keslers_ said...

NADS you're so cute? Where do you live? Okay fine, that cant be answered via the net.

Anonymous said...

yeah im not on it either!
manana! you better update asap!

ps lets go get a ddp...?

*Tawny* said...

hahahah nadia i love you... i was lookin on ur list seeing if u added and me and i was just about to write a mean comment asking why u havent added me yet till i came acoss the love of my life, and i thought its either me or aaron and it was me :) VERY PROUD!!

UHMM TONIGHT better have DDP or DP?!?! i dont care which one but i expect to be greeted by you with a smiling face and a DP in hand!!

SO EXCITED FOR OTH! its gonna be good and if we need to well fight people to be quit in the ledge of love or sneak off to colbz for that hour!

let the good times roll!!!