Love to Hate

I love to hate Aubrey O'day. I think she is pretty, ya, whatever. But she is such a diva! I remember on her reality show when she was like "I want to sing, everyone just knows me as pretty aubrey and no one takes me seriously." It's like don't refer to yourself as "pretty Aubrey" if you want to be taken seriously. And I mean come on, your hair is getting out of control. Only Christina Aguilera in the 90's could pull of that raunchy ish. Maybe. Jeff Lews from flipping out. Is it just me or is the Bravo channel getting gayer and gayer? It's like every show is based around some skinny guy with an intentional lisp. But I looove him.
Oprah Winfrey. Don't get me started. I love her show, the stars she has at her fingertips. I love her "favorite things" and the fact that if she says a book is a "must-read" it goes flying off the shelves. Sometimes it just urks me how influential she is. There are so many amazing people doing amazing things all over the world. But they aren't putting it on national tv and getting filthy rich off of it. Gosh I bet she can wipe her butt with dollar bills if she wants. And she loves to talk about herself. And if she thinks she has said something profound she will repeat it like "wow, did you hear how smart I just was?" The worst thing about my "Love-to-hate" predicament is that I will support these people and listen to their music and watch their shows and watch them get richer an richer.
that's all.


*Tawny* said...

so are you saying i cant pull off my long hair eh? ? ?


Beatrice said...

You are hilarious. Thanks for paying attention to this stuff so I don't have to! I have to tell you that I love your honesty. So I sent out your invitation last week. If you don't get it today then let me know and I'll ship out another one!