movie critiques

This weekend consisted of watching a LOT of movies. I randomly want to critique them. I'm not much of a writer, so I'll just give you my opinions.


I stare at this movie EVERY time I go to blockbuster. I have the biggest crush on Ryan Gosling and it looked like an indie film so I have always wanted to rent it. But Aaron always gives me a puppy face and shys towards more of an action movie. But this time was MY TURN so I didn't even rent it, I just bought it. Ryan Gosling, or "Lars" was absolutely adorable. Quite the contrast from his character in the notebook. In this movie he is shy and twitchy and seems almost slightly autistic or something. He falls in love with this doll and thinks she is real. He takes her around town as if it's his girlfriend. The town goes along with it because they love him and they don't know what else to do. I won't say too much but it's an adorable movie.


Atonement. This was my Sunday afternoon movie selection. Aaron was already asleep by the time I hit play but I was determined to watch it. I have always been so enamoured with Keira Knightley. I think she is beautiful and so talented. I also love movies that take place in England which this one does. They live in a mansion that is just gorgeous. I must say I fell asleep about half way through, not because this isn't a good movie but because I was so exhausted. But from what I saw I loved it. And James is a doll as well.


I think this is one of the best soundtracks since Garden State. We all know you just can't top the Beatles. But if you go into it with an open mind the songs are up to date and wonderful. All the actors and actresses are really singing so you respect them that much more for being able to act and sing. It's a cute musical. If you haven't seen it, go to blockbuster RIGHT NOW.


My mom saw Julia Roberts at an airport while waiting for their luggage on that rotating conveyer belt. My mom said she was a GIANT and very glamorous in person. My mom was stunned and didn't know what to say. So she said what came to her mind first "You're Julia Roberts!" Julia looked down at my mom (5'2") and said sarcastically "Yes I am." My mom said she felt like an idiot and walked away. We laugh about it all the time. But I love this movie. I think I love any movie with a makeover in it. Julia Roberts is a hooker who never kisses on the mouth. Richard Gere likes her so much that he hires her to live with him full time. They end up truly falling in love and everything changes.


Jen said...

You didn't miss much with Atonement. It started out a great movie but it kind of fizzled for me with all the war scenes. The ending was definitely interesting, so you may want to rewatch.

I loved Lars. I saw it in the theater and was just blown away by Ryan's performance. He is just awesome in everything he does, isn't he?!

Kat and Steve said...

i have wanted to see lars and the real girl ever since i read about it in entertainment weekly. i love lil gosling also. oh and i totally picked hairstyling as a profession because i am HORRIBLE at math. i don't even measure color i totally eyeball it. works for me.