So as many of you know we have started a weekly ritual, oh yes, girls night. No boys allowed. For girls night we have crashed bertha, watched one tree hill, played dominos and ate pizza, gone to The Maine etc. It's a wonderful tradition. (Unless your girls night isn't spectacular, in which case Tawny will castrate you).

So for tonight, we are planning to go see Sex and the City. Yes, for the fourth time, in the theater. We did feel guilty, don't get me wrong. We used our "R-card" on this one, although our "V-cards" are still in tact. (See mom, no need to worry!)

^these are the shoes I MUST HAVE. Birthday, August 14th. Size 6.5 muchos gracias.

Now available at steve madden.

Girls night is tonight at 6:30. Meet at the ledge of love, aka 452 N. Alder


*Tawny* said...

haha good girl!! Sending the word out.. I might be the only one who reads this blog today but oh well right!! haha finally i am going to see it, i donno how u crazy girls want to see this movie for the 4th time in the theatre NUTS!!!

Anonymous said...

those shoes at the desert sky mall, with the spikes... amelia needs to buy. no not needs, MUST buy! with the matching belt!
so sexual.

Cam and Mele said...

I will always have sale updates on my blog, or you can always call and come over anytime, to rummage through the goods:D Good to see your blog!