Bravo for Bravo

Thank you Bravo TV for monopolizing all of my time in a way that I don't resent :]

My new favorite show, The Rachel Zoe Project. Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist. She decides what all the A-list celebrities wear to the red carpet, for interviews, tv appearances, etc. She is FABULOUS! I love her. And I love her two assistants even more. She has a girl assistant who is a total rocker chick who loves leather and has the cutest style EVER. And a guy who is gay, and preppy, he dresses like he is from the Gatsby era. He wears these thick rimmed glasses and school boy sweaters he is adorable. Why do I have a crush on gay guys? Maybe it's because they always dress so well. I wish I could find a picture of this kid.

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Steve and Shell said...

oh my gosh. i totally watched this the other night and fell IN LOVE. it is seriously one of my new favs. (we figured out how to get more channels than just cw) i love her assistant, and her assistants assistant. so funny.