lack of posting ideas

I love today. I know, it's Monday. But I love today. My paycheck was 7 days late. But it feels good to have it now.

Mondays. I check postsecret. I'm sure you all know about postsecret by now. If not, the concept is simple. You can place your secret on a postcard, and it is posted on a website for all to see. Anonymous of course. This was my favorite secret of the day.

^I loved it. I'm not a mom, but I can appreciate this secret.

^I was paroozing through the design blogs, like I always do, and I came across this picture. It reminded me of Aaron of course. I love whispering this to him after he's asleep. Hopefully his subconcious can hear it, and he believes me.

^pottery barn I belive. Amazing. They should call this couch animal crackers.

^ I like old louis vutton luggage. But didn't think I traveled enough to justify it. Walah, an adorable vintage nightstand. Whodathunkit.

^may I live somewhere with lot's of green.

"A flaw, a mistake. That's what makes the poetry, gives it the painterly quality". Miroslav Tichý.

Today I'm grateful. I'm flawed, and he loves me anyways.


Kristin said...

Adorable. Everything you say. And every picture you post. Fabulous. I don't bother as much with design blogs anymore because I know I'll see the treasure trove on your blog. :) And I'll be darned, but aaron needs to read this thing someday! Your whole entire blog is quite possibly the best "love letter" conceivable. And you know what? I was already thinking on the way home today about posting pics of my hair... and then I got rained on :( Tmr! I love love love love lo-o-o-o-ve it <--- meant to be sung like As Tall As Lions

Tim and Niccole said...

Blog friends for sure! and congrats on the almost engagement! Married life is awesome! You two are so cute together. Tell Aaron hi for me!