for real this time

I know I always talk about my "new favorite show." But I really mean it this time! Have you guys ever seen prison break? It is so addicting. Aarons brother sucked us in. Honestly... the last thing I need is another show I am completely hooked on. Why you ask? This sexy man is reason enough.

Oh! And happy birthday Max. We love you so much! You have brightened up our lives and brought our family closer together. You are "freee" years old! I had fun with you last night eating chips and salsa and watching you blow bubbles. And it was cute how you randomly would start singing happy birthday to yourself. I love you Munchkin Man


Kristin said...

AW! He sang to himself? How adorable. I have an ethnic love crush on Maxwell. :)

*Tawny* said...

mmmmmmmmm he is sexyyyy. worth watching the show just for him!! shoot ha