I know I know

I already posted today. But I just had to tell you guys. The other morning Aaron was making me waffles and decided to put on MTV music videos. Something he has never done before. At first I thought it was kind of funny but I didn't say anything... then this song came on. "Can't believe it" by T-pain and Lil Wayne. We don't tap too far into pop culture but Lil Wayne is our ABSOLUTE favorite. This song/video blew our minds so hard. You guys don't even understand. Please watch. It looks like someone did acid and decided to make a music video with the two most thug black men you could ever imagine.



megs said...

LOOOVE it. i dig your taste.

Anonymous said...

i cant stop listening to this song! when it came on the vmas last night i even yelled and got excited. ask tamran she'll tell you! good call.