I swear

^I want to travel here
^I want to arrange flowers! If nothing else, just to liven up my room.
^those heart shaped ice cream sanwiches warm my heart, ironically enough.
This chinese lantern belongs in my room, somewhere.
^this winning garment on Project Runway was inspiring. This picture doesn't do it justice.

I'm going to explode. Don't know what has gotten into me this week! Maybe it's all the free time and all the blogging/tv-watching I've done. I am about to combust with creative ideas! I can't seem to target my energy. But I have the urge to draw, cook, design, sew, paint, sculpt, SOMETHING! Funds are low and I need to figure something out.


E. Fullmer said...

if funds are low i hope you got those chick-fil-a coupons i sent! use em'!

E. Fullmer said...

karma coupons are never random

*Tawny* said...

hahahaha you make me laugh but i love yah.
i want that ice cream right now.. looks amazing!

emma said...

i stalk you every day... i pretty much just admire everything about you. creepster...