the weekend....

This weekend I saw "The Women" with my mom. Go figure. We had a lot of fun. We both laughed and cried for reasons outside of the movie. It was great to spend time with her.

Meg Ryan looks like she's had a lot of work done. Definitely Juvederm in her lips, and a rhinoplasty for sure. Possibly cheek implants. I don't understand. She is so perfect already! I must say her hair is AMAZING in this movie! My best guess is that they rod-iron curled each individual hair. I want the brunett version of this hair: Meg Ryan, SJP from the Sex and the City movie, and Rachel Zoe. Brittany, can you work your miracles on my hair?
But this movie was great. Believe it or not, there are NO men in this movie! Not in the background, not on the street... no men. Who would have thought? I will admit, there is one "little" male role in the very end. But let's just say he doesn't have any lines :]

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