Amazing charm keychain from Jen Boaz

I love these bows from Luella. All the rage in London apparently. They are totally cute. There is an Ingrid Michealson song where she refers to her future children. She says she'll name them "Luella, and Nelly, and Fae." Um, if I have three girls can I totally name them those three names? I think yes. And Ingrid is an amazing singer, you should check her out if you haven't yet.


*Tawny* said...

Those bows are super cute i have to agree with you there and there prob REALLY $$ for each little bow. haha
the keychains are ADORABLE tooo!! GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME!

Kristin said...

Next DYI project: Charmed key chains! How fun!

kate lines; said...

those are goodness.
i try to make cute head-bands all the time, they never turn out though, maybe i will try a button.