Just a little post so you can mark your calendars! After a brief meeting with Brady Patrick Parker last night we dicussed our mutual love for the blessed holiday. We even took it upon ourselves to study the history behind halloween. Creepy, let me tell you.

Wednesday October 22nd: Pumpkin carving girls night at the Ledge of Love
Thursday October 30th: Scarry movie-fest at the Ledge of Love
Friday: October 31st: Rockin R Ranch AZ clean fest followed by a bonfire/scarry stories courtesy of Brady and I

HELP: I want a halloween costume that I can be warm in. I'm always too cold in my usual costumes. Advice? Ideas?


She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

Sounds like a really fun Halloween to me! :]

Kristin said...

I like the new title of your blog. ;) Let's see... Nadia would make an adorable furry black cat complete with fuzzy leggings and perhaps a poncho type coat (a cute, short one... not a literal poncho). Or I could see you being a lady bug with red tights, or anything with red tights for that matter! GASP! How about you be a sailor??! You could wear all your anchor accessories that you love, a long sleeve striped shirt, red bandana around your neck, red tights under little shorts... Oh, Nadia, HOW CUTE! And nobody else will think of that. ;)

kate lines; said...

yay! you got the pictures, i was worried it was the wrong house. so i am super super excited about a new photoshop i got.... and that last weekend in november works for me- by then i'll have my new actions all down and ready for business! woo-hoo!
and the sailor outfit sounds adorable.