itch to shop

Delias, who knew? Ps that dress is on sale, $29.99! I want I want. I can see it Tamran/SJP style with a studded belt from Hot Topic. Floral with an edge! And that tool headband would be a fun DIY. Girls night? And pleather pleather, glorious pleather. I saw this in US weekly as the "cheaper version" of an AMAZING leather jacket. It reminds me of Taylor, Rachel Zoe's first assistant. I love her rocker edge, she's adorable. Pleather will do! Don't judge!


Kristin said...

I love how your blog layout is always different. See if you can figure this one out for me: how can I get my "comment" link to say something different?? Comment is so boring, and I've seen other blogs that don't say comment. Like Kate's! Her link says "wisecracks". How how how??

She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

All so darling! :) Delias has some really cute stuff! Yeah, that jacket totally reminds me of Taylor!

*Tawny* said...

we should make headbands for girls night.. ive been wanting to make some cute ones!! There so easy to make and turn out so cute!! That should def be a week that we do.. even tho it would have to be in nov but that works eh? becuz this week me n colbs are doin our own... and next week colbs bday and week after halloween carvin and pumpkin seed making! haha