late night etsy shopping

Late night ETSY finds. This just in. I'm moving to NY so I have an exuse to wear 50 year old vintage fur coats. And I'm learning to sew so I can construct that darling coat on the bottom. Okay, I can dream... I really do want to learn to sew so I can purchase vintage pieces and tailor them to me. Talk about one of a kind!


She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

Nadia, those coats are soooo dang cute and vintage!! :) Etsy is the best. They have a lot of cute things. I love those flower clips!

Katie said...

Oh my GOSH! I just went and looked at Etsy for the first time and I am dying of happiness! They have the coolest things there EVER! I will always be thankful to you Nadia.

kate lines; said...

two things,
1. i love the coats.
2. did you like the rest of the pictures, i never heard anything?

kate lines; said...

never saw them. oh no, this had happened to me TWICE know with our apartment complex... did you not get them? i sent them over.... three weeks ago!
ahh- i did the same thing with a CD for my sister, about 2 months ago and she has never seen them.
did you ever get something in the mail saying you had something a the post office? oh man, i feel so bad! why didn't you say something?! i'd thought you'd gotten them weeks ago.
ew, i hope some creeper doesn't have a CD full of nadia goodness. :)
let me know- i'll send them again, or maybe, i'm better off just dropping them off.

kate lines; said...

wow- disregard the gramatical and spelling errors, i typed that all in a frenzy.
(someone here at vista monatana's going down)