State Fair

a breif PDA at Weezer
Our Kanye shades

The Arizona State Fair. The creepiest place on earth. We have nicknamed it "the wal-mart of the world." We spent most of the evening trying to capture pictures of the gnarliest mullets we could find. At one point Aaron chased a guy down and almost tackled him just for photo-evidence of the greatest mullet on earth. We probably won't be able to wait 365 days until we again endulge in caramel apples, fried twinkies, and funnel cake. We also got some sort of weird fulfillment out of veiwing oversized animals. Okay I lied, Aaron got fulfillment out of it. I walked out in tears because these animals looked so sad. Weezer was fun. They wore red jumpsuits. I liked it. We are poor so we decided to choose one ride. We could hardly choose between the xxl ferris wheel and this one creepy ride that goes in circles, and then goes in reverse. I ride it every year, I love it for some reason. Aaron is a sweetheart and rode this ride with me. We did the math, and it is about 10 dollars for two people to ride a ride at the fair! Ridiculous. Those carnies sure are sitting pretty.


She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

It looks and sounds like you had a fun time at the fair! :) I wore a shirt almost exactly like that one when I went on last Friday,how funny! :] The rides are pretty fun, i agree.

The McCullough Crew said...

RE; YOUR ON! sounds like a sweet deal to me. Is it still set for Jan.?