my amazing client Tabitha came in today. She was telling me about this pie she made for her friend.
You take a pie tin with the graham cracker crust.
Fill it half-way with brownie mix.
bake it in the oven.
Take it out, put marshmallows on top and broil it for a couple minutes.
Then you take a cheese grater and just grate chocolate over the top.
SMORE PIE! Delishhhhh
Oh and she gave me a $50 tip. I love Tabitha today!


COLBZ said...

This is a mussttt to make!
The other posts:
-I really think that is Amelia and she secretly models on the side.
-those shoes are so cute.
-twilligghhhttt tonight! lets hit up taco tuesday before we go!

COLBZ said...

oh and the phone, I want it!

Kristin said...
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*Tawny* said...

this pie looks amazzinngggg holy cow!! can we pleaase make this next week pleaeeSEEE!!!!

Kristin said...


Cami Clay said...

Dear Nadia,

Im having an over load of cool posts. Can you please inform me next time your release your coolness beast on me? Please and thank you.


Amelia Cozette said...

That picture makes my stomach so hunnnngry lets make itttt