So after seeing this movie my roomies and I went on a hunt to copy all of Carrie's outfits. Accessory by accessory we always hunt for cheap look-alikes. First I found her shoes featured in the center picture. I got them at shiek shoes for like $40! I saw her spiked belt in the window at Forever21 but it was the last one. I asked them to put it on hold for me until they were going to change the manicans. They called me today! That beauty is mine! Tamran found a similar jacket to the one on the far left, she got it at Charlotte Russe for super cheap. I adore this movie and her style!

^both from forever21

^shiek shoes


*Tawny* said...

LOVE your new background and picture!! ALOT!! See this is why i always want mine redone.. shoot!! You do yours so much that I always want to do mine! if you get bored today TEXT me and ill send u the new picture i want and you can choose my background :)

I had fun last night!! Girls night was simple but fun!! Next week we should do the blocks for sure and make sure everyone knows about it and wants to do it!!

stacie amber white said...

woah woah woah!

geoff works late tonight :( Come visit me?
you have so much to tell me!

Estee Cook said...

you are do ammmazing.
i love it.
i am hoping to run into you over the turkey break.

katelines photography. said...

ah amazing. i am convinced you can find anything worth having at a thrift store. (it just takes a while)

comment to your comment- i hope, hope, hope you have that life too. and you will.

*Tawny* said...

THANKS i love the new blog!!!

Cami Clay said...

man im doing great. i've been married for forever and it seems like everyone else is either married now are getting there, oh how things change!