who has me for secret santa again? haha!


katelines photography. said...

jane is my most favorite name ever. we already have our first boy or girl's name picked out, and jane just happens to be the girls.

and that skirt is amazing. ahhhhhhhh! 6'0 sometimes is not good, it would be to short with g's. sigh.
(i wish i was cute and little like you.)

Anonymous said...

tamran! and she has come up with bomb ideas! youre lucckkkyyy!

*Tawny* said...

I want this but in GRAYYYY!!! They didnt happen to have a gray one did they?!?!?! I need a cute simple gray one JUST like that!!! haha Be on the hunt for me :) You have 17 days till i need it!! hahahah ohhh and a cheap one!!

Thanks! :)