I finally made that smore pie I was telling you about! (Graham cracker crust, brownie batter, bake, and then broil the marshmallows) Oh my it was so glorious. Sidenote: Yes I look like a lesbian in that flannel. Disgusting. And doesn't Aaron's bicep look extra plump? Haha his half smile makes him look like such a bro dog. We were really showing an awful side of ourselves.
Tuckers surprise birthday party. So cute! I was dying of the flu though, hence my face.
His second try to blow out the candles


Cassandra Clark said...

Nadia, Are you Married? You look so cute! You dont look like a lesbian. You look adorable with flannel! Yes! his byseps look huge! You got a keeper!

Anonymous said...

you do not look like a lesbian, but that comment made me laugh!
you have one of the best blogs also.