Tonight is the finale of the hills! I hope we can squeeze that into girls night. How could we miss Spencer and Heidi's wedding? Or the final reunion of Lauren and Heidi?

And girls, we must watch the premiere of The City next Monday night!

As I was packing my room up this morning I got kind of sad. I know that tomorrow we are all moving home with our parents. But these 8 months have been a total blast. I will miss all of our late night chats, and fun dinners, and all of the quality time we spent getting to know each other. I am tearing up but I hope we remain best friends!


*Tawny* said...

I like this picture of all of us!! And even the more REASON to do a girls night now!!! Now that you guys are all moving different places we wont be seeing each other everyday either.. so we need to make sure we continue our weekly girls nights together! :)

Anonymous said...

aww sad. even though the ledge had a lot of problems (garbage disposal, bathroom, thin walls, etc) it was still a fun place that held a lot of goooood times! I'll miss it! so lets party hard at las sendas before everyone moves!
annndd I am pleased to annouce that I will not have school on Monday nights anymore, which means I can partake in the city, in&out/sonic runs!!!

She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

I am so sad I missed Hills last night, and I didn't even record it. Sad huh? :(