I saw this box of homeade goodies on one of the blogs I follow (I can't remember which one). The outside of the box is titled "10 things I like about you." I am sad Valentines day is over so I hope to keep doing romantic things until aaron leaves!

Also, look at these comfy Ugg's! I am usually repuled by anything Ugg related, but these seem like a nice alternative. And they can be folded down and buttoned for an ankle boot. I am always cold at home, but I hate wearing socks. These are a nice sock/Ugg alternative!


*Tawny* said...

I like the uggg boots acutally tooo.. Im the same way as you.. never been a huge fan of uggs but those look really warm and comfy and there actually really cute!

chelsea said...

Oh glad you like the box a local Portland artist made it. Her blog is eatingisart.blogspot.com