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25 Randomnesses
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1. I love cars, when I was younger it was 66' ford mustang (Think Hilary Duff in Cinderella Story)

2. I am obsessed with Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm up to like 4/day, oooops.

3. My grandparents are immigrants from Palestine, my grandpa snuck over on a ship and hid inbetween wheat barrels.

4. I love Aesthetics! I wish it produced more money because I'd do it FOREVER! I have had Laser Hair Removal done all over my body! But what I really love is making people feel better about themselves. I feel more like a psychologist than anything.

5. I plan to go back to school this summer. I'm thinking about taking random classes like sewing, cooking, interior design (you know, domestic goddess in training)

6. I have OCD. I recently realized I've always had it. When I was little I would obsess over the weirdest things like having pressure against my forehead while I slept, clicking my teeth if we drove under a shadow, folding towels PERFECTLY, etc.

7. My grandma Maxwell is very special to me. She died when I was fairly young, but I've always loved and missed her and admired her. She could sew like a champ, I've always wished I could have taken lessons from her.

8. I have terrible eyesite, practically blind.. but my other senses are very strong. I can determine smells and sounds very well!

9. I hate when my nails grow, I clip them incessently.

10. I've recently realized that I love interior design. I'm not sure that I would be very good at it, but I love to look at Design blogs and magezines.

11. My favorite part of my day is when I get so spend a little time with Aaron. We do the weirdest things. He loves to tickle me until I cry. Or we try to slap each other in the face. We just play and wrestle and we both laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants and he ends up turning red (which he does when he laughs, it's so cute)

12. I love music. If I like an album I'll listen to it for days. Example: Copeland, You are my sunshine or The Fray's new one

13. Same with movies, I'll go see a movie 7 times if I like it. Example: Twilight, Sex and the City

14. In the near future I plan to get Lasic Surgery and Venieres!

15. I love love love Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joes. I hope someday I can afford to eat only organic!

16. I absolutely love to read. When Aaron leaves I will have so much free time I'm pretty sure you'll have to pry me away from my books! I'm a sucker for Nicholas Sparks or Stephanie Myer

17. I loooove sushi! Ra, Sushi Ave. are my favs

18. I love candles! We have these sensi-warmers at work I'm obsessed... I want one! (See #8)

19. When Aaron and I were engaged I became kind of obsessed with weddings. Now that he's going on his mission, the obsession hasn't stopped. I would love to plan weddings in the future! I am particularly fond of "Green" or "Country" weddings.

20. Biggest fear in the world is rodents. Mice, rats, I shudder at the thought.

21. I am sensitive to spirits. I don't often see them, not anymore, but I can feel the presence of them. I know no one believes me! But I really can feel evil/righteous spirits. It's only for a few moments.

22. I love love love TV! One Tree Hill, The OC (reruns), America's Next Top Model, Intervention, Oprah, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Etc. But I really don't like having a TV in my room.

23. My favorite colors right now are Purple and Grey.

24. I obsess over kid names. Aaron doesn't appreciate the kid names I like. But right now I love Chloe, Bou, Fae, Nelly, Rome, Ivy, Cru, Olive

25. I am a germ FREAK! But I love popping zits. I dunno. For the most part I'm a germ freak. See #6



*Tawny* said...

Cute post..
I knew most of these about you already! :)

so is the OCD a reason why u were once obsessed with me? hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha jk with ya NADZ!!!

see ya tom hopefully !

Kristin said...

Chloe made my baby girl name list, but Todd nixed because that's the name of the not so cute nerdy computer girl on 24. Now that I'm as into the show as he is, I couldn't do it either, but I love that name still!

I've got a new author for you to try. Jodi Picoult. She's absolutely fabulous. Fierce, if you will. ;0) Start with "My Sister's Keeper" and then read "Second Glance". You'll want to read all of her books. I LOVE her.