Edie, if I'm not mistaken. Lovely in Black and White.

An Alice and Wonderland necklace I found on ETSY, I want.

Who knew a simple vinyl could make this room so gorgeous! Okay, that fireplace doesn't hurt the situation.


Mollybelle said...

its edie. most definitely positively. i could write a whole thesis on her... i don't know what major would require one to write a thesis on someone such as edie but if there was one, i would do it. i love her. and while she isn't my hero/idol or anything of that sort (cause she was super duper screwed up) she IS one of my favorite women in history. Mostly because she was stranger and more out there then I am:)
I love her.

She has a story to tell-Naavie Leigh Photography. said...

I don't want the neckelace, and the gem for delias....i NEED them!


what shop on etsy did you find the neckelace?

*Tawny* said...

Love the Vinyl!!! Necklace is sooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

i lovvee edie.
We need to watch factory girl. its this crazy movie about her and andy warhol! so good, makes me sick, but sooo good!