Tamran getting a ticket on the way home from Pinetop. This ticket was for speeding and having an illegal license plate cover on her new Beemer compliments of Danny F

Tamran and I decided tube tops were acceptable in Vegas

Shiek outlet, need I say more? Please note tamran in the rear view mirror. And yes, we shamelessly broke the sabbath to go to shiek. We figured even God can appreciate Shiek.

Jason's deli ice cream cones

A lady that is passionate about dolphins (please note the one hanging from the mirror)

This is us on the way to vegas. That's Brady's Iphone map (he was the designated navigator). We accidentally drove to California. You think I'm kidding. We got so lost we went to the wrong state. You can imagine our reaction as we approached "welcome to California" Brady is FIRED!

Tamran and I decided to stop Aladin for a picture, yes I asked him if I could be Jasmine if you know what I mean ;]

Our diet on the way to vegas.

This is Joe. (coincidentally everyone we met in Vegas was named Joe, sorry Tamran). He was a drunken old man that wanted to take me and Tamran on the New York New York roller coaster. Yes he pulled out a fistfull of hundred dollar bills and payed for us to ride it twice. He even payed for this lovely picture you see here. Why was Joe so kind? Because I promised him we'd meet him in the casino for an all night party :] We really enjoyed this ride and screaming "Vegas" the whole time (you know, like the movie "what happens in Vegas")


stacie amber white said...

"yessss i'm up for anyttthinnggg" -nadia

Victoria Sorenson said...

You lived on laurel ave. across from me in Highland Ranch ( I was McKenzie's Soul Sisster.) & when you babysat my sisters, you were known to them as "barney."
I stumbled across your pretty little thing from a friends blog. you have got it goin' on!

Estee Cook said...

i just lol-ed in the "shh zone" oh the harold b. lee library.

Victoria Sorenson said...

yep rockin' it at good ol' Highland high. Nothing better than a little hawk spirit to get you through the years...oh please. Give the fam some hugs and squishes and all my best wishes (that was on a valentine card & it sounded appropriate.) ha

Brinkley said...

nadia!! wow hey!! you are still absolutely adorable!!!!...btw its brinkley:) haha hope ya remember me!!

*Tawny* said...

hahaha Tamrans look reall good with her spray tan darkness! Sexy! Looks like you guys had a blast.. I wish i was in vegas.. and of course u guys would come across some creepers.. haha hey ask colby about getting lost in MEXICO.. i think getting lost in MEX is almost worst than goign to ca instead of vegas.. but that comes in a close 2nd. hahaha

*Tawny* said...

ohhh and ps.. ur diet was amazing on the trip there.. shouldnt be any other way!