For some reason people ALWAYS compare me to celebrities. 9 times out of ten complete strangers tell me I look like Sandra Bullock. Once in a while I hear that I look like Paula Abdul. But today I was flabergasted when the fry's checkout clerk held up an extremely long line to try and recall which celebrity he thought I looked like. While the eager asian customer behind me grunted and tapped her foot he had his hand on his chin trying to recall the name of a certain actress/model in Men in Black II that I looked just like. "It's the hazel eyes" he said. Well of course I had to go home and google her. Um, is it just me or are her eyes CLEARLY blue? On a completely separate occasion I got my wisdom teeth out at the dentist. In my haze I recall the receptionist and Dental Assistant telling my I look like Sandra Bullock, through the gauze and numbing I responded "chipmunk cheeks and all?" I have to admit I am always flattered to be compared to any celebrity! Even if Paula Abdul is nuts and Braeden gets a little offended every time on that comparison :] He's cute.

Sandra Bullock

Lara Flynn Boyle

Paula Abdul


stacie amber white said...

When paula and sandra have a baby, they'll probably name her nadia.

*Tawny* said...

Yah Stacie called it! ha

I can kinda see Paula... thats the only one I really see... DEF not the middle one! But... I wont ever call you Paula, dont worry. ha Shes crazy as can be and out there as can be, but she sure has some dance moves.. you got those too??


Shannon said...

I can't really see any similarities between you and sandra or paula, but I do agree with Lara Flynn. Except for the blue eyes. Call me crazy but I think there are striking similarities. I get Julia Roberts all the time. Like several times a week. It makes me so mad.