We wanted to take family pictures to celebrate our dear "pop"
(Hence why he's in the bright red :) He and my grandma Nelda started it all. I miss her dearly.
PS: most of you already know but Braeden is going to Denver Colorado on his mission! Along with Nebraska and Wyoming. He would be assigned to 3 states, we don't call him the "wandering Tanis" for nothing! He leaves in exactly two months
Please enjoy the pictures, isn't Kate Jill Lines amazing!?


Mollybelle said...

you are stunning.
like more stunning then your average human.
past the point of "gosh she's stunning" and more close to "I hate that b@#$%."
I dont. but I am just saying. haha.

michelle said...

Nadia, these picutres are beautiful! I have tears in my eyes! I love every single person in those pictures! You look beautiful!

Katie said...

Wait, Braeden is handsome boyfriend, right? I have never heard of being assigned to three different states! What does that entail? Is he speaking a different language? Do you know why he was called to three different states? That is so cool!