So we did a photo shoot with Stacie and Geoff Lang. If you want to see the pictures follow these steps! I cannot tell you how amazing these two are. They were so wonderful to work with! They gave direction that was easy to follow. They made us feel beautiful! They had the disc ready for us two days later. So prompt! Check all of the galleries on their website you will love them.


click "clients"

password nadia



stacie and geoffrey... said...

we made you guys feeeel beautiful!? you guys ARE beautiful!

You two are such a treat!

Johanna said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!

Hi, by the way. I enjoy your blog. :)

V i c t o r i a said...

those were amazing, amd you are a total babe
that's my 2 cents

Shannon said...

Wow. That dress+your hair+your makeup = oh. my. gosh. Amazing. Plus that giant marigold door? To die for.

Joslyn Marie said...

YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS. i love these pics. umm. save em for engagement pics. ya? :)