As most of you know Braeden left tuesday to the MTC. He'll head to Denver in a couple of weeks. I miss him every day. I have wonderful friends who have kept me busy and distracted. I remember when this photo was taken. He was picking me up to carry me out of a garden so I didn't get my heels stuck in the soil. He made me laugh and then we both got the giggles. One of the happiest moments I can remember. He and I had moments like this every day, and I hope someday we can have them forever and ever.
Last week I got laid off out of the blue. Sales were low and the spa is struggling to stay open so they let me go. It was quite the shock but I will definitely start looking for jobs right away.
Today my two sisters and I spoke in court on behalf of my mom. She was sentenced 3 months, and will have to stay in rehab for 3 months after. I prayed that whatever Heavenly Father thought was best for my mother would come to pass. So I am just trying to have faith that this is what's best for her.
Things seem really rough on paper but I feel so blessed. I know that I am surrounded by wonderful people and I really enjoy my two callings in my ward. The Gospel is so incredible. I feel strong even though I'm being tried and tested.


m. estelle said...

hang in there gal. you are lovely.

Mollybelle said...

I am amazed by your maturity and wisdom. I am not so good at trusting the Lord the way you are right now. You are an example to me-- and this was something I needed to read today.
You and your loved ones will all be blessed for YOUR strength, and YOU will get double blessings for sending away the man of your dreams to do the Lords work.
I'm sure some days will be harder then others. Just remember that their is a glorious scene at the end of this one.
Be happy and use this time to continue to strengthen your relationship with the Lord. If you do that, I imagine you will look back someday and understand why you are going through some tough times. I don't know you-- haha, but I will remember you and your mum in my prayers!

*Tawny* said...

Things will all work out in the end for you!! You will start to enjoy and look forward to all the letters, pictures and tapes from aaron back and forth!! Letters mean a lot to them so continue writing him!!

Im sorry to hear about your mom, I hope everything works out for the best for your family! Lets try to do a girls night this week being Colby and so forth is back in town!!

Love ya girl!

Miss MyKelle J said...

So I know I totally don't know you, but is your fella serving in Denver? That is where I live and its a great place to serve... so I have been told. It seems like a lot of people from AZ serve in Denver. Like a friend of Kates from Snowflake is out here right now. Pretty cool. Hangin there! Denver will take care of him!

Jenna said...

I keep getting the chillsies! Chillsies? Huh? Oh Nadia, you know you're there for me just as much as we are ever there for you. I guess we keep each other busy doing things with Sasssshhhha ;-) I LOVE YOU GIRL!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your going through a hard time.
you have great faith and thats a good quality to have!!!
things do play out for a reason i believe. and in the end it will all be worth it.