Need a pick me up? I sure did. Check out this post by down and out chic. All you need to do is click the title.
Seriously, read all the comments on this post it will make your day.
And then come back here and tell me what YOUR answer would be!
"What do you like about yourself physically? Tell me one thing."
"What do you like about YOU as a person? Tell me one thing."
Don't be ashamed. please please?


down and out chic said...

awesome, thanks for linking back! ok, i'm off to check out the rest of your blog:)

Binz said...

bow flex legs!! Yeeaahhh baby!!

Willi Nixon said...

i loved this :) nice and uplifting.

i love my big pearly whites

and i am the most honest/straightforward person i know

Chelsey said...

That was wonderful!! Very inspiring :)

I like that my eyes are two slightly different colors (one's blue and the other's green)

I also like that I try and find the best in people (an important trait I learned from my Dad)