kate voegele

Who had the best night ever??

Not only is she absolutely flawless.. hair skin everything. She has the most amazing voice! She writes her own music, plays guitar, keyboard, one woman show.

We spent most of the night hanging outside her tour bus, working it with the band members and production managers, doormen, anyone we could to get into the sold out show! Sure enough we did!
We ended up becoming friends with Bret the keyboarder. We tried to stalk him after the show but he was drinking behind this gate and we couldn't get his attention. So we wrote our numbers on a business card and left it on his instrument case and left. Sure enough he called Tamran an hour later and wanted to hang out! But we were b-e-a-t so we bailed. But ladies and gents we are IN!!


Mollybelle said...

who is she who is she who is she?
you have the same taste in music as i...
atleast your blog playlist says so.
so Im positive Id like her.

*Tawny* said...

hahahahah. pics are on my blog if you want em!!!!

Good times, good times! Shes simply amazing, and very talented and an AMAZING voice!!!