I wish I could harness all the beauty I see. I wish I could take it home with me, tuck it in my pocket. I want the flowers I saw in Hunnington. I want the cool breeze to follow me. I wish my mom still thought of me as her sunshine. I wish I could harness all of my passion and apply it towards a career. I wish I could write songs. I wish Braeden was here to sort through all of these thoughts with me. To help me see what he see's in me. I wish I could have a good cry. I wish I knew what was real. I want to know where I fit in the world. Today, I hate Arizona. I hate the heat and how everything is peach. I hate this recession. But I love Iron and Wine. I love my family. I love the gospel. I love Copeland. I love classic movies.

I love random pictures I've saved on my computer:


Dallan and Ashley said...

Nadia I totally feel for you! I had days like that were I just wanted Dallan to be with me. Hang in there with all your challenges. Stay busy!!!! I only went the last two months before Dallan got home but Hawaii sure helped. I was in a new place without memories around every corner! Good luck with things I HATE the recession too!
love Ashley Cluff Schmidt

emma said...

just know you have several distant admirers.