This year sure has been amazing as far as reunion tours go! We kicked off 2009 by seeing No Doubt. Gwen took us back to the 90's with combat boots and belly shirts. Her voice was so incredible and she kept us dancing all night.
Then we got the chance to see Blondie and Pat Benetar and you know we went! When I think of hip 80's clothing and rock songs I first think of the Zitelli family, and then I think of Blondie and Pat Benetar. So you know I had to have them all in the same room! It was such a blast when "Patrish" sang "Love is a Battlefield" because I got to sing along with not only her, but Colby, Casey, and Jamie too! That was my favorite song of the night hence my new ringtone and facebook status.

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Anonymous said...

ah may zingg!!
so funn! no joke pat is my idol and I have the BIGGEST crush on Spider!!! he is soo sexy!
ugh I wish we were there in the 80s!!