Cold Souls

Wednesday I saw the independent film Cold Souls. The concept of the movie was that you could have your soul extracted in order elliminate pain and joy in life. When Paul Giamatti had his soul removed he claimed he didn't need to be happy, he just didn't want to be miserable. But what he found was that he missed his soul upon extraction. He wanted his soul back with all of it's darkness and imperfections. My favorite part of the film was how the patients could take a look into their soul and see visual representations of it. When Paul looked upon his soul it was dark and eerie, but there were simple bright images such as a pregnant mother and light coming through a window that overshadowed his grey life.
Isn't that how it goes in life?


7upkels said...

Hmm, that sounds fascinating. I'll be sure to try and watch it, because I definitely agree. Life kind of goes something like that.

amblur! said...

different... but similar?


hey girl :)