how embarrasing.

After a week off of work with the swine flu I came back and this is what I saw on the work bulletin board. My boss is so freaked out by my disease, she sent me home after 45 minutes of work because I was coughing. Everyone treats me like such a leper!


*Tawny* said...

are you feeling better I take it.. tamran said you were on your death bed!!!! Hope ur feelin better

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Nadia, I love you, but you basically are a leper. I refuse to see the whites of your eyes until I get my swine flu vaccine in one week. (I wouldn't care if I didn't hear about all the pregnant woman dying because of the swine flu- infact, I would regularly want to catch it from you. I could benefit from losing 20 lbs and not having to attend school.)