the sun burns a hole, straight through your old flaws.

I'm itching to re-decorate! I need to go to sleep, client at 9am tomorrow yikes.
I wanted to blog about my day today. I keep procrastinating fixing my camera, so I can take pictures of my adventures and start documenting actual life events. I'm stuck in a fantasy world.
So today I colored my hair, black of course. I'm so boring.
Then my friends picked me up so we could make the trek to Phoenix! Our agenda included some good old fashioned Laser Hair Removal, and some thrifting. To my dismay and utter humilation, my laser wasn't functioning. It would turn on, and then turn off. So I looked up the error message and it informed me that there was either a bad connection or the water was low. So I checked all connections, they were fine. I filled the water to the tippy top. It still wouldn't turn on. My friends were so excited to get lasered and in the end they all looked really bummed. I thought I might cry.
So in an attempt to salvage what was left of our afternoon I excitedly directed them to my favorite vintage shops just down the street. To further my humilation, all we were greeted with were signs that said CLOSED. Columbus Day. Who the heck celebrates Columbus Day? What's the point of a Holiday if I can't go to thrift stores!!
So in my very last attempt to show I am a worthwhile human being I made two huge dishes of Chicken Enchiladas and some beans and brought them over.... They were a hit. Or so they said. Luckily I was able to salvage what was left of my friendships. And I must say, I have some magnificent friends right now. I feel very blessed. This is our second week of doing our own family night, aka "friend" night. We cook a meal, sing hyms along with the guitar or keyboard, and we have a brief lesson. After the lesson we eat dessert like Mormons do and we watch a movie. I am LOVING this tradition.


kate lines said...

...and i am loving these updates so often.

7upkels said...

"we eat desserts like mormons do." oh yes we do! haha. i love this - and i totally know what you mean by the columbus day thing! who actually celebrates it?!?!? i haven't since the second grade!!

kristine said...

I am very intrigued as to what your favorite vintage shops are! Do tell :)