[hello sandwich]

I wonder if my dad ever stopped into Wonder Milk when he was in Malaysia the first 10 years of my life. If not, he missed out. Exposed brick, chalk art, vintage pieces, refurbished chairs, and the menu looks delicious.

THREE CHEERS for accomplishing almost everything on my list today.
  • McKenzies band competition in Glendale
  • Diapers for Kayla's baby shower
  • Purchased craft supplies
  • Completed Tamran's birthday present, pictures to come. Painted wooden frames with butterflies tattood on them. Inside the frames are clippings from my book Influence. Basically polaroids of MK and A with artists and designers.
  • Block letters L O V E for her wall, also with tattood butterfly wings
  • [Jenny Lewis is great to craft to]
  • picked up fathers dry cleaning
  • Saw "An Education" which exceeded my already high expectations with it's 93% rotten tomatoes score
  • Ate at Deluxe Burger, so delicious
  • Listened to David Bowie "Let's Dance"
  • watched a certain clip from Superbad that may or may not contain a pervy child sketching funny things in class
  • worked on my room
  • now I need to sleep so I can stay awake in STAKE CONFERENCE! :]
  • PS my fortune cookie today said "Happier Days are definitely ahead for you. Struggle has ended" SUCK IT 09' !!
  • PSS I watched 2 John Candy movies this week! He is my favorite!! Uncle Buck and Planes Trains and Automobiles!

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stacie and geoffrey... said...

Is it weird that I'm commenting just because I want to agree with you on how amazing Deluxe is? Such a foody.