I always knew the woman I wanted to be- Diane Von Furstenberg

happy veteran's day pop. I love that when I called you today you were at "the ditch" aka the bar you've gone to your entire life. The bar where on veterans day you don't pay for a single drink because everyone knows who you are and how you served in the Korean War. Love you sweet grandpa.

this is the weird stuff that happens when I put on Ingrid Michealson and rinse off the make-up and have hours to spend alone in my room and go creative! please excuse the blackberry camera phone which is ancient and awful. This wall has everything from new years resolutions, thank you notes, ancient love poems, an entire Teen Vogue, stickers, photos from my old bird watching book, quotes from designers, a kiss from my red lipstick, and more! I love it because it inspires me. Do you guys have cute inspiration boards in your room? I wanted one that was huge and chalkboard so I could write directly on it and use magnets. But thumbtacks will do for tonight.


AUBREEZE said...

nadia you are a professional blogger.
i need girls night. im bumming im not making it. and to comfort myself im listening to bluegrass. not working.

i can completely fold a crane by memory now.

Anonymous said...

weird I was listening to her today too. I love her cover of "Can't help falling for you"

sarah ann said...

nadia, i love your posts! i have had a board for my inspiration/vision board. you just inspired me to get started on it. um hiii, we have a lot in common. we love fashion! i just got the new teen vogue hand book, i think you would love it as i do.