I refuse to participate {black friday}

Melissa Esplin took this photo if Diet Coke. It looked so delicious I allowed myself to have one today.
In a desperate attempt to swear off black Friday I went to Target with Tamran to vicariously shop through her. I knew she would buy amazing things that I could benefit from. I watched as she purchased seasons 1-7 of Friends! She also bought some other dvd's, pajamas, and some cosmetics. What can we say? Dr. Leber pays her the big bucks.

I also looked through this Forever21 Magezine. Surprisingly quite wonderful! It has features on fashion bloggers and editorial shoots of their new collections. Rock meets glam, military jackets, sequins, and fur. All about it!


Love Cami. said...

im impressed.

i did not succeed in that goal. fail fail fail = me.

t o r i said...

DC has been my saviour one too many times

sarah ann said...

i heard from a lot of people black friday wasn't good. i didn't participate either. three cheers for us!

COLBZ said...

try DC in that ornament bottle, its cute and tastes delish!