next time baby I'll be bullet proof.

Today I bought this obnoxious green chair. I may rehupoulster (spelling?) it or just let it be with some adorable pillows thrown on it. As hanus as people may think it is, it will fit perfectly in my room. I spotted it and we fell in love. 2 pictures below is another obnoxious green chair that I spotted. My sister was a little punk and she bought it! I guess she's just a more aggressive thrifter than I.
Today at goodwill I bought these vintage books and that little Christmas tree. It lights up! And I also bought a pack of pinecones at Big Lots and put them in a Crystal vase I had already. A few of the books are vintage clothing patterns, swoon. And one is a little Charlie Brown book. And the red one is a compelation of love poems that are hundreds of years old.

Remember these two? Pray for the little one. He's in the ER and the poor guy is really sick. He is an angel with his long eyelashes and dimples. Oh, and they really do hug each other often.


Mandy said...

I love the chair! You are rad. And poor little one... He'll be in my prayers.

Kristin said...

WHAT? Why is he in the hospital? Poor Essa! I will certainly pray for him. I hope he's at Cardon Children's at Banner Dessert... I did all of my pediatric rotations there, so I'm a little biased. They are amazing. Hope he gets better soon!