{poetry} ?

I've always had secrets. But now I'm starting to release them one by one. Last night I revealed my ability to crump. I also finally confessed to the world that someday by some miracle I'd love to be a print model. My best friends were stunned. Today I confess that I write songs. this morning at 4am I couldn't sleep, okay I just didn't want to sleep. And I wrote a poem. I've never written a poem before. I don't know the rules. I'd never post it on here, or let anyone see it. But I'll post a little snippet for fun. Have you ever loved and lost? Isn't it better than never loving at all?
You are lovely! You really are
but if my skin isn't soft enough
or you don't love the way my nose crinkles when I laugh
you must go, so fly away blackbird
find your bluejay
don't look back on the photos we took
or the smell of the pages in the book
or smile and wave when the encounters occur
ignore the butterflies your stomach will stir
{more secrets to be revealed, stay tuned}


Mollybelle said...

Oh Nadia! I love your secrets!
And your poem was so lovely.

my name is lauren. said...

what fun secrets. jealous you can crump. and a very lovely song.