Yay for the following 20 transactions that were purchased on the WRONG card that only had $70 in the account this morning.... can you say overdraft? :[
yay for this kit that smells delicious yet is strongly medicinal. I really really like it.

yay for finding a knock-off of this key-chain that SJP rocks.

yay for finding this wrapping paper at Old Navy for my Bookshelf experiment project

yay for this fun yellow themed wedding.

yay for 1300 calories of pure joy with my mother.

Yay for a cheap umbrella I couldn't resist. I used the excuse of "trips to NYC" or "for my photo shoot this weekend" or the truth (to hang on my wall and look pretty shhh) Plus with a slogan like that how can I not feel prepared for 2010!

the song "somedays" by regina that made me ball my eyes out and love her even more.


kristine said...

One time I got charged $375 in overdraft fees, but I called my bank and asked them to refund it, and they totally did. It's worth a shot!

And I loved that yellow wedding!

*Tawny* said...

So... I lOVEEE the keychain... wait a sec from the store in ghetto land we almost broke down at????

Chase bank. Where i work. Linday and warner if you ever do ne thing that would get me a referral wise come to my branch, PLEASEEEE! Lindsay and warner! hahaha And yah I have chase freedom, fees not a fan of. I am just new to the chase system being they bought us out so im not all the way updated on how there system works, way differ than what im use to!

Good couple post down below too :) Didn't wanna post on all of them!