why I'm broke.

Tomorrow I get to pretend to be a bride in this little beauty. I love photo shoots!
80's party friday at Kevin's? You're telling me I FINALLY have an excuse to dress like Bowie?

My entire life I have had a love/hate with walmart. I spend so much money there. With their convenient location and self-checkout it is worse than ever. I am convinced their conspiracy theory is this.... load the place up with carnie looking meth-heads like the Odoylles and McPoylles and scare the crap out of the normal locals so they'll load their carts up fast and spend more than they anticipated. Then as I was disgusted with myself for being so judgemental I realized what makes me so different? I show up to Wal-Mart, technically unemployed and dizzily wander into the scrapbook section and buy the items listed above on my credit card. Like really? I'm a wal-mart carnie freak. Be afraid normal mormon moms.

Don't get me started on Forever 21. You know the girl that pays with cash and splits the remaining balance on 2 cards? I'm that girl. I'm sorry. I'm the girl that wanders in there just to try things on and marvel at the cheap items that I STILL cannot afford. I once shamefully cleaned a friends house for 20 bucks so I could go to forever. Eeesh confessions of a shop-a-holic P2. But THEIR conspiracy theory is this. Fast, loud, techno music so that you cannot hear yourself think or budget or have any sort of logic. Pile it up, throw it in the evil yellow bag. I'm a dirtbag.

Scottsdale. I hate you. With your bleach blonde bimbos with greasy extensions I think YOU look poor. I hope your fake tan melts away. I have been guilty of fake extensions and fake tans and all of those superficial things in the industry, I admit. But I don't have that stuck up attitude and beer bitter face to accompany it. Okay I'm just ridiculously jealous of your black Mercedes SUV that your 80 year old husband bought you that I probably deserve more than you. Jussayin.


The photo above is part of a display at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. This particular piece is part of the display done by local elementary school students. I believe this display is free as well. So tight!

TEAM TAMRAN!!! (A girls night to cheer up the girl who deserves the world, karaoke, pictures to come).

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