be here now {♥}

You know what's funny? I'm realizing how many people don't like the Holidays. Some people get depressed with the Cold. I've heard of many that lost loved ones this time of year and it makes it difficult. I guess I've always loved Christmas. I have been thinking a lot about Christ. I am so amazed that he would sacrifice so much for his brothers and sisters. Today I could barely sing the song Abide with Me because I was so filled with tears and love for my Savior!

Temple lights, I've already gone twice. And you KNOW I'm going Christmas Eve.

Okay so one night my lovely friend Lex Walker was leaving for a date and smelled so lovely and I discovered she was wearing this! With her permission I went and bought this lotion. Smells so yummy!

Starbucks Hot Chocolate! Worried about extra holiday pounds? Order it no whip with nonfat milk, and extra milk. Still delicious.

^Ray Lamontagne. You will love his smoky love songs.

{ between your playful kisses whisper: "darling is this love?" }

When did 3:44am become my typical time to Blog?


kristine said...

I looove temple lights!

PS Yes I was at the Binghams! I'm glad you knew it was me, I felt weird after I waved at you because I realized we had actually never met...

Jenna said...

I want to go to temple lights. PS- I went to see Earth with you and Tamran. Remember, Tamran was talking about how she wanted that cheetah running through the African Desert made into a coat? I don't remember any horned whales!

Anonymous said...

i want to go see them!!
i haven't been since elder comfort scared me off!!
ps jenna! there is a new movie coming out called OCEAN!!! lets go see it! Girls night?