call the surgeon, mend the pieces ♥

There is a curse in my bones
That'll breathe and fly again
Until when we both are ghosts
I will miss you like a friend

-In my moments of quiet and solitude I ask the tough questions.

"Am I a good person?"
"Am I prioritizing?"
"Have I lost sight of the big picture?"
"How are my actions representing me as a person?"
"Would my friends consider me a good friend?"
"Why is it so much easier for me to be a good friend or stranger than it is to be a good daughter and sister?"
"How could I bless the lives around me more efficiently with more patience and Christ-like love?"
"How can I recover from the mistakes I've made and lost time"
"Am I making good use of the gifts God has given me? Do I even know what those gifts are?"

I tend to over analyze and my mind is plagued with thoughts like this. I think my main character flaw is a heart that is too soft. I am too sensitive to those around me. I feel love immensely but I think I am equally as able to be hurt and bruised. Another tough question:

"Would I rather feel these emotions in a smaller scale? Or is the raw emotion I feel so strongly more of a blessing than a curse"

{Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm going to sleep on it}