This is William Fitzsimmons. You wouldn't expect such a flowy romantic album from a man this bearded. But give it a listen, it will melt your heart as it did mine this weekend. I was reading his Biography and he is one of the most interesting musicians I've ever read about. He is the son of two blind parents who compensated for their lack of vision with a home full of instruments. He is also a therapist! Very wonderful man. Click the title to read more about him.

I went with 5 of my closest friends to a cabin in Pine where we did a 750 piece puzzle and watched old VHS movies. We cooked a delicious stew and baked cookies and sipped on cocoa and tea. The snow on the Pine trees was such a beautiful sight. I had one of those moments driving up through the trees listening to Death Cab where I felt so alive and blessed.

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t o r i said...

def love william.
as norah said...
your like my musical soulmate.