is it over yet? can I open my eyes?

Oh no I'm getting reflective again. It's that time of morning I guess. This year is coming to a close and in most ways I am so relieved. I think this has been one of the most influential years of my life. I am so blessed.

-fell in love with"New York I Love You" and "An Education"

- fell in love with "Young Victoria"

-I said goodbye to two missionaries

-I lost my job twice

-I applied to approxiametly 40 different jobs, yes 40

-6 job interviews

-made countless new friends
-fell in love with Bon Iver and William Fitzsimmons

-was hurt for reasons I'll never understand

-discovered more about myself than ever before

-realized it's okay to gain weight

-forgave EVERYONE! Even the undeserving. EVEN MYSELF!

-watched my health deteriorate, and now I appreciate it more than ever

-learned to love my family

-became a complete insomniac

-realized that I have only a handful of true friends, I'm okay with it

-have written about 26 handwrittetn letters

-realize I've got a long way to go. And that's what 2010 is for



Momma said...

Nadia, it will NEVER be over! So open those gorgeous eyes and enjoy the journey! You are amazing and I love you and am SOOO proud of you! Love, Your insomniac of a Mother. :-)

my name is lauren. said...

looks like you went through a lot of very important ups and downs this year and learned a lot about yourself. thanks for sharing!

Willi Nixon said...

reflecting is good :) you've had a long year but think about how much you've learned!