Jimmy Eat World!

So today Jimmy Eat World posted something on the internet saying that they were to play a surprise show in just a few hours at The Modified in Phoenix. Word on the street is that the Modified will no longer be playing Indie Rock shows and will be focusing more on the Art Gallery. So, considering the fact that Jimmy Eat World played some of their first shows at The Modified they decided to play one last show at this particular venue. Word spread quickly and hundreds of people lined up outside, surrounding the venue. We knew only about 100 people would be allowed in. Turns out my friends and I were the last ones to be allowed in and the rest of the hundreds of people were turned away. We were so excited to get in to such an intimate show! We were rowdy the entire time. Such a wonderful night. And Jim Adkins was super nice!


Colby and Jessica said...

i heard about what they are doing to the motified. Its so sad i have been to so many great shows there! including one where a creepy asian from oneof the band tried to get me in his van haha eww anyway i love Jimmy eat world luck y you!

PhotosbyMillie said...

Oh I was one of the people left out in the cold!

my name is lauren. said...

how cool!