everybody put your best suit or dress on.

So for New Years Eve I did a photo shoot with a photographer I am friends with. It was for a series he was doing. So by the time we were done it was 8:30 and the party I was going to started at 9:00. So I just went to the party with my crazy photo shoot makeup and hair. Yes, I mean to say that I spent the entire evening with my hair slicked back into a bun on the top of my head.
Anyways, right after I arrived at the party I realized no one was there yet. So one of my guy friends picked me up and we went to the "What Laura Says, Thinks, and Feels" show. Keep in mind, this is a band I've never listened to. It was at a swanky jazz bar where the people attending the show would receive a 5$ discount on admission for dressing like pimps and ho's. Well I was unaware of this until we were about to leave. So the entire night I was admiring the interesting attire.
A few songs in, someone in the band pointed our attention behind us. There was an entire fireworks show going on right behind us. Apparently ASU does the Fireworks 2 hours before midnight? So we got to listen to a few songs while watching the fireworks. It was kind of surreal.
Point being, this band was amazing! They are so musically talented. Not only does every member of the band sing, they all play various instruments. On one particular song the keyboard player starting playing on glass vases. This band will be my new obsession. They have a Beatles mixed with Fleet Foxes feel about them. And even though they are local, they are rumored to start touring with Devendra Banhart.
so this is the New Year, and I don't feel any different.


start to learn spanish
read scriptures
hike, run, ride bikes
get my health back to normal
be kind to friends and family

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Willi Nixon said...

this sounds like an awesome new years :) you know that jake woolsey in that band used to be in our ward right?? they are quite pleasent to listen to