Moonlight will fall
Winter will end
Harvest will come
Your heart will mend
You will find love
I'm so happy, I'm bursting. At the end of something I thought was wonderful, I found friends and family waiting with open arms. I really enjoy my new job. I feel confident about the skills I've attained over these past two and a half years that I've been doing aesthetics and laser. And I am thrilled for the challenges ahead of me. I'm picking up Spanish quickly! I feel hope seeping back into my heart, about my life in general. I'm finding joy in the simplest of places, scrabble and William Fitzsimmons. Clean laundry. Red nails. The laughter from my nephews. Texts from my mom saying "how are you hunnie?" My dad cooking us family dinners and all the hard work he puts forth. It's going to be an AMAZING week.


Keisha Voorhees said...

can i just say that you inspiiire me?! my sister was telling me that she's friends with your sister and i just had to tell her about how much i appreciate your positive outlook on everything. you're so honest, and i always find comfort in your posts <3

kate lines said...


i am happy your happy.